Emily’s Happy Feet – Children helping children

Emily’s Happy Feet – A group organized by an at-the-time, 11-year-old girl who spends approximately 150 to 200 days of the year in hospitals battling her own illness.  Her parents asked her, at the time, what she wanted for her birthday and had been talking to her about how to give to others.  She came to them stating that she really didn’t like the scratchy hospital socks she was always forced to wear.  For her birthday, she wanted her birthday presents to be slippers for other children in hospitals.

She had a goal in mind, that she wanted to deliver 11,000 pairs of slippers to children at Ronald McDonald children’s hospitals around the world.  Today, Emily is 14 and as of December 15, 2016, she had delivered 9,300 pairs of slippers to children globally.  

So why is this on TheFoodVixen.com?  

As some of you know I am a volunteer baker for Icing Smiles, an organization that works with volunteer bakers to create amazing event cakes for children with illnesses and their siblings.  Healthcare costs can be exorbitant and quite frankly, money may not always be available for something that seems simple to the rest of us such as a birthday cake from a bakery.  So Icing Smiles steps in, parents can submit their child as a recipient and Icing Smiles locates one of their bakers near the family to provide a cake.  

Last weekend I received an email from my regional director asking for a volunteer for Emily’s cake.  When they send an email it is accompanied by a brief explanation about the child’s illness and their family’s Facebook page or website if they have one.  I went to it and find that Emily is in fact the founder of Emily’s Happy Feet.  My heart did flips over the generosity and light of this child who must undergo such extensive care herself and has for the past 14 years of her young life.  I spent so much time reading and watching that I missed the window and someone else snagged the opp of being Emily’s baker.  

Fortunately for me – I have a few more powerful outlets for Emily: Foodies, Mommy-bloggers, and big-hearted Strongmen who may be kind enough to get behind my desire for Emily’s birthday.  So here’s my goal friends:


I would like to help Emily hit that 11,000 Pairs of Slippers goal by her 15th birthday on January 28th, 2017.  She’s at 9,300.  

That leaves us 1,700 pairs of slippers and believe collectively – we can do it! 

To make this is as simple as possible for everyone – click here to donate:

This is an open Paypal Donation form so you may enter any amount you wish. A single pair of slippers is anywhere from $7 and $10 on average.

Please note that your donation will show as going to our parent company, UnconventionaLiving.  We will present Emily’s Happy Feet with the funds raised on January 28th.  

If you would prefer to make your donation directly to them, you may do so by following the “Donation” button at the bottom of the home page on Emily’sHappyFeet

If you choose to go to their page for the donation, please mention on the optional note that you heard about it from The Food Vixen.  I’d just like to track our totals for Emily.

I believe in us and in Emily’s goal.  We can do this!  Who’s with me?

To see more about Emily’s efforts check out their Facebook Page here: EmilysHappyFeet

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